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Join Us On Our Inaugural Flight To Vancouver

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We’re super excited about our inaugural flight to Vancouver. Richard Branson will be hosting our big Vancouver party and if there’s one thing Richard knows, it’s how to have a good time!

He also has a spare seat for a social media-savvy someone who can tell us why they would really LOVE to visit Vancouver. You may have a special someone you’re desperate to catch up with, dream of seeing a spectacular Vancouver vista or visit a particular place close to your heart. And you'll be keen to share all your exploits with your YouTube fans, or the followers of your blog or any other social channel.


Tell us in a tweet... #WhyYVR?

To get your hands on Richard’s last seat, you must tweet to persuade us why it NEEDS to be you. You can do this however you like; by video, blog, tweet or post, but be creative! Then tweet a link to @virginatlantic and use the hashtag #WhyYVR so we can find you. We are interested in you and your story, so don’t forget to tell us a little about yourself as well as your motivation for entering.


You must be able to travel from London on the official trip departing London on the 24th May for three nights. We are sending out invitations on 10th of May, so all submissions must be received by midnight Wednesday 9th May, 2012.


Aerial view of Lions Gate Bridge in fog and Vancouver skyline at night © Tourism British Columbia

Aerial view of Lions Gate Bridge in fog and Vancouver skyline at night © Tourism British Columbia


The trip

  • You will be flying on Virgin Atlantic’s inaugural flight, as well as joining the official VIP itinerary to explore Vancouver, Canada.
  • We will provide your Virgin Atlantic flights and access to our Clubhouse at London Heathrow.
  • Accommodation at a fabulous designer hotel in Vancouver for three nights, plus all meals.
  • You will have the opportunity to attend at least one official event with Sir Richard Branson.
  • You will also get an exclusive invite to our star-studded VIP Inaugural Celebration party.
  • And naturally, we’ll fill your days too with fantastic perks including tours and activities plus a chance to check out the local vibe!
Hikers in the trees in Indian Arm Provincial Park with a view of the ocean inlet near Vancouver © Tourism British Columbia

Hikers in the trees in Indian Arm Provincial Park with a view of the ocean inlet near Vancouver           © Tourism British Columbia


How to enter

You must tell us in a tweet why you love Vancouver and include the hashtag #WhyYVR


If a tweet just isn’t enough to express your love, you can share a photo, create a video, write a blog post or some interesting tweets to convey your story – bonus points for additional creativity and online influence!

You must check the terms and conditions before publishing your submission online.

Follow @VirginAtlantic so we can DM you if you win!

You must send your submission by midnight British time on Wednesday 9th May, 2012.

Get ready to go! You must be able to travel from London on the official trip departing 24th May and landing back 28th May.

Note: The offer is not restricted to UK recipients, but any international recipient would need to arrange their own transport to London (or even meet us in Vancouver) and ensure they have the necessary documentation to enter both the United Kingdom and/or Canada.

Just in case you were wondering, YVR is the Vancouver airport IATA code #avgeeks!

From 24th May Virgin Atlantic will operate seasonal flights to Vancouver from London Heathrow on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. You'll always find the best fares on our website.

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Vincent May 2012
It's so beautiful there, I love it!
User Icon
grahamcook May 2012
A have never been but its 1 place always dreamed of going. Take me years to pay for it on my wage
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May 2012
Its how England should be, safe, confident and multicultural and the same climate as England too.
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Honeyrose May 2012
I would like to visit this dynamic & beautiful city someday. One place in my bucket list to surprise my bff and my long lost relatives that live in Vancouver. I've seen the pictures and also heard 1 of the easiest places to live.
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alanjp May 2012
Vancouver looks like a thrilling place to visit. My wife rode Virgin Air to Rome and she said she have never gotten a care package of toiletries from an airline before in addition to the great flight experience. So have no doubt winning this ticket will delight me.
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Elaine May 2012
I have heard it is absolutely stunning and is one place that I would love to visit. I have never flown Virgin Airways before but have heard that alone is an experience worth doing. Would make sure everyone knew about it if I was chosen!!
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richardosulliv May 2012
It has to be one great place to visit if your flying there!

Show me the sights mr branson

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Stephen May 2012
My friend lived there for 18 months and told me it was the most fantastic city he has ever been to. I would love to go live and work there after I am a qualified mental health nurse, which has been a very busy stressful journey, I would genuinely love to win this flight!
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BorisMStruk May 2012
One week in Vancouver 10 years ago was NOT ENOUGH. The people, the food, the city and the surrounds is placed as close to Heaven as possible.

It's an absolute must to see and explore even further...

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OJayne May 2012
My Dad was 24 yrs old when he left Northern Ireland in 1966 to work in Vancouver but only got as far as Yukon. He left home to get away from racism and to set up a new home for my Mum and his 4 kids (I wasn't even thought of then!) but he soon found out that sectarianism was unfortunately world wide. So he ended up living with a Native American Yukon Tribe for 10 mths and lived their ways and brought home to us all of their humanitarian values.

He doesn't like flying now,(but flying is in his blood, his Dad and Uncle were in both in the RAF during WW2, and his uncle was awarded an MBE in 2009.) That said, if ever there was a chance to get him flying again this would be it - with Virgin Airlines. He's now 70yrs old and he and my Mum have been happily married for 51 yrs. He says he has no regrets about not reaching Vancouver because of the life changing experience he had in Yukon, but still, after all these years I'd like him to see it. So, I would like to nominate my Dad. Me and my 4 siblings would happily pay for my Mum to go along - because he will not leave the house without her!!

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DerekVickers May 2012
My Grandfather came from there, but I've never had the chance to go and visit. He died recently, so I would like to finally honour a great man..
User Icon
Jeff May 2012
I have been once but it rained for the whole week, I would love to have another chance to see it again hopefully with better weather. From there I would like to go and see the Calvery Stampede, Jasper, an Ice flow, brown bears, the red coated Mounties, to name but a few wonderful sights.
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Inspirationbre May 2012
in this man’s amazing success, I went to his profile. He had recently tweeted about a contest Virgin Atlantic is hosting as part of their celebration of offering flights from London to Vancouver by giving away a trip to
User Icon
TravelContests May 2012
Win a seat on Virgin Atlantic’s first Vancouver flight
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CliveAndrews May 2012

With a love of mountain biking and good food, Vancouver has always been a favourite place of mine.

But Vancouver means a lot more to my girlfriend. And I've made a short video to explain why:




User Icon
StephenOConno May 2012
My visit to YVR in 1990 led me to quit my job and go back to education. I wanted to emigrate there. Life got in the way and I never did make that move, but I'd love to see the changes to this beautiful city now.
User Icon
BenGoodwin May 2012
Please pick me for your inaugural flight to Vancouver and I will recreate my audio-visual spectacular (http://youtu.be/r9nEtNecgXQ) whilst up in the air! :-)

As well as the reasons explained in the video - and the fact that I've never been before - I will bring humour, fun and joviality to the trip, whilst being a great ambassador for the UK and Virgin Atlantic. I am a true culture vulture in every sense and will lap up all experiences offered and share them with friends, family and the world across my many social media platforms.

Pick me - it's be the best decision you've made all year... I promise!


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Ben May 2012

Do you know who is the winner ?

Thanks !

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KevinWharram May 2012
Here is the video thats gone viral for the Vancouver competition www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMyLizE1vD4 its a Rap song to Richard Branson.
User Icon
GuyBetsy May 2012
But Virgin never flew to Rome !
User Icon
GuyBetsy May 2012
Hmm. Okay. Now I know why the UC seats are booked out on the 27th from Vancouver to LHR. I have to opt to fly out on the 26th instead !
User Icon
WhyYVRsendsJ May 2012
course I couldn’t help but notice #WhyYVR, the social media competition launched on the vtravelled blog a few weeks ago, inviting people to blog and tweet about what
User Icon
ExploringVanco October 2012
course I couldn’t help but notice #WhyYVR, the social media competition launched on the vtravelled blog a few weeks ago, inviting people to blog and tweet about what
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