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Virgin Atlantic Swaps Branson for Billy

by Moderator September 2012 - last edited February 2013 by Community Manager

Remember our recent nationwide search to find a budding Sir Richard Branson? We're delighted to announce that Billy Yeomans, 10, from Chichester, has been appointed by Virgin Atlanticto test and approve our newly refurbished 747 fleet.

The pint-sized primary school pupil was chosen from over 600 applicants to become our first Junior Approvals Manager in an initiative spearheaded by the boss himself.

Billy, a plane crazy aviation and adventure enthusiast wowed judges by creating his own plane cabin in his family home, collecting over 30 aeroplane safety cards and navigating his dad on a flight to Switzerland.


Sir Richard Branson's first ever Air-prentice

Billy doesn't miss a trick as he inspects the cabin Billy doesn't miss a trick as he inspects the cabin


Billy had free reign of the plane, which is fresh from a 95,000 hour refit, for a day at Gatwick Airport and will submit a full report to Sir Richard giving his verdict on the newly refitted 747 fleet. Whilst on-board, Billy was given exclusive access to the in-flight entertainment system; after dipping into some movies and then settling on playing a game he described it as ‘brilliant’. Billy then taste-tested a new 747 menu which is being launched along with the refitted cabins, and was served by the glamorous Virgin Atlantic cabin crew throughout.


Hard at work: our new Junior Approvals Manager Billy Yeomans Hard at work: our new Junior Approvals Manager Billy Yeomans


He finished the day with a hands-on test of the redesigned seats, which we believe to be the comfiest ever on board a 747, and after plenty of seat adjustment and a quick snooze Billy certainly agreed. Once the ten year-old's report has been approved, the planes will go on to take over 650 flights a year, carrying over half a million children to destinations including the Caribbean and the USA. Billy will now give a kid’s eye view on future on-board improvements and will be a sounding board for all our child-focused developments.

Billy inspecting from his seat Billy inspecting from his seat


Billy Yeomans Cabin Evaluation:

  • In-Flight Entertainment System: There were even more movies than the cinema. I flicked through the kids only section, looking through the music too but in the end I played games. Final verdict? Brilliant.
  • Cabin Crew: The two cabin crew ladies got me everything I wanted, from orange juice to headphones. Final verdict? Excellent.
  • Food: I had three courses which really filled me up, loads of veg and potatoes and a yummy chocolate dessert too. Final verdict? Quite Tasty.
  • On-Board Amenities Pack: My pack has an eye mask and socks which helped me to snuggle up in my seat and fall to sleep. Final verdict? Good.
  • Cabin Comfort: The seats were really comfy and even better than our sofa at home because I could adjust the head rest and recline the seat to the perfect position. Final verdict? Super Comfortable.
  • Safety Demonstration: I love safety demonstrations and the cabin crew performed it just for me, they read the whole announcement from a book that they carry on every single flight. Final verdict? Excellent.

We're currently re-fitting our entire leisure fleet of 747s at a cost of more than £50 million. Renovations will include a newly designed, more comfortable seat, a brand new touch screen in-flight entertainment system, with over 300 hours of entertainment, and new menu choices – all aimed at making Virgin Atlantic the most comfortable way to fly for holidaying families travelling to destinations such as Florida, the Caribbean and the USA.

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