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Join Us on a Fantastic Trip to New York!

by Moderator April 2010 - last edited February 2013 by Community Manager


Virgin Atlantic is hosting a press trip to New York and we have a space available for a passionate, well-connected blogger to come and blog about the Big Apple with us. Here are the details of how to enter...

  • Do you love travel?
  • Do you run an established blog or website?
  • Are you a star on Twitter or Facebook?
  • Do other people regard you as a bit of a hot shot in your field?
  • Do you influence and give back to your online community?
  • Do your followers regularly retweet your posts?
  • Are you an avid sharer of content?

If you can answer yes to the above then read on...


The Trip

We are hosting a two-day press trip to New York, departing on the 20th April 2010. We'll be flying from London's Heathrow airport where you'll have the opportunity to hang out in Virgin Atlantic's award-winning Clubhouse before boarding your flight.

On board, relax in your Premium Economy leather seat and choose from over 300 hours of entertainment before touching down in New York in time for a fabulous dinner in one of the city's best restaurants.


Royalton New York

Royalton New York


We'll spend two nights at the iconic Royalton hotel, just moments from Times Square and Fifth Avenue, and you'll have time to explore the city before flying Upper Class back to London.

Virgin Atlantic Heathrow Clubhouse

Virgin Atlantic's Heathrow Clubhouse


So, what are we after? We're looking for a blogger with a passion - it doesn't have to be about travel. Perhaps you're an architect, a photographer, a chef, a graphic designer, a fashionista, a culture vulture, an artist or a filmmaker. Maybe you run a site that encompasses a number of these themes. Either way, we want to see New York and the Virgin Atlantic flying experience through your eyes.

We'll show you a good time, all wrapped up Virgin-style. In return, we'll want you to blog about your trip and share your experiences through all your normal social channels. We'd also like you to write a guest post on here - our brand new vtravelled blog - for which we'll pay you our standard rate.


How to Enter

In order to be considered, here's what you need to do: provide a link to your site and in NO MORE THAN 100 WORDS tell us how you might approach this challenge.


Back up your entry by telling us just how loved you are in your field - don't be shy! You might want to include some information around how many people subscribe to your site, or how many Twitter followers or Facebook fans you have - anything that demonstrates to us how much of an influencer you are.

Make sure you follow us on Twitter and fan us on Facebook to keep up with any updates on the competition, and please ensure you read the terms and conditions below which include details of how the winner will be selected.

Send your entry to editor@vtravelled.com with the subject line BLOGGER TRIP NEW YORK by Tuesday 13th April at 12:00pm GMT. And good luck!

UPDATE: Just to clarify, your 100 word statement only needs to explain how you might go about featuring this trip on your blog and through your other social channels. We're not looking for a literary genius at this point - we just want to get a feel for your passion and enthusiasm!


Competition Terms & Conditions

1. The prize will consist of one place on a press trip to New York, travelling with Virgin Atlantic from London Heathrow on Tuesday 20th April 2010 and returning on Thursday 22nd April 2010. You can extend your stay if you wish to but Virgin Atlantic will not cover any additional costs incurred by the extra stay.

2. Accommodation will be provided by the Royalton Hotel, New York.

3. The prize winner must travel outbound on the same flight and on the same date as the press party and must be available to travel from London Heathrow on the date of travel. You will need to be at Heathrow by 11am on the day of departure.

4. The competition is not restricted to UK bloggers, but any international winner would need to arrange their own transport to London and ensure they have the necessary documentation to enter both the United Kingdom and the United States.

5. The winner will be entirely responsible for their own passport, visa and insurance requirements.

6. After the closing date, we will select a shortlist of bloggers based on the 100 word statement and all the other information you send us. We will email the shortlisted bloggers and also announce them on Twitter.

7. After we have announced the shortlisted bloggers on Twitter, there will follow a 48 hour "nomination period". We will allow people to nominate their favourite shortlisted blogger by saying why they should win and using the hashtag #vblogger.

8. Multiple nominations by the same person will not be counted.

9. You personally own and maintain the blog or site you provide to us. Any false claim will result in the automatic deletion of your entry.

10. We will ask you to share your experiences by blogging at least one post before the trip commences, at least one post during the trip and at least one further post after the trip ends. If time does not permit you to complete the entries during the trip, you will complete them at the end of the trip. In each post there will be at least one direct link to vtravelled.com

11. You will write one guest post for the vtravelled blog, the angle of which will be discussed with us either during or after the trip. You will be paid for this at our standard rate.

12. We will verify the statistics you send us about your site, and may use other tools to ascertain your online influence.

13. If you have previously written a feature for vtravelled.com, you are not eligible to enter this competition. Sorry guys!

14. Employees of any agency, or other supplier employed by Virgin Atlantic or vtravelled.com are not eligible to enter.

15. The prize tickets are only valid for flights on routes operated by Virgin Atlantic and are non-transferable to any other airline, including any of Virgin Atlantic's codeshare partners and have no cash value.

16. We will not use your personal information. You will not hear from us unless you are a shortlisted blogger.

17. The prize is not transferable to family members or any other person.

18. No Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles will be awarded for this trip.

19. The prize winner will abide by and be subject to Virgin Atlantic's published Conditions of Carriage, which are available from any Virgin Atlantic office. Virgin Atlantic flight schedules are subject to change without notice.

20. In an event of an infringement of these Terms & Conditions or Virgin Atlantic's Conditions of Carriage by the prize winner, Virgin Atlantic reserves the right to withdraw the right to further tickets.

21. The prize may not be used in conjunction with any promotion or promotional fare mounted by Virgin Atlantic or any third party.

22. Entrance into the competition deems acceptance of all Terms & Conditions.

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April 2010
I really wish that i was eligible for this! Oh what a lot of fun it will be for whoever the lucky winner is :)
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April 2010
Hi folks: in answer to a few queries, I've just updated the post above. In the 100 word statement we're looking for you to tell us a bit about how you'd go about featuring this trip on your site, and through your other social spaces. We're not looking for the next Hemingway... we just want to get a feel for your enthusiasm and the passion you have for your subject matter. OK? OK :)
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April 2010
I am confused. Is it one hundred words total, or one hundred words saying how you would approach the challenge and then a bit extra about how brilliant you are? It would be a struggle to explain how brilliant I am in only a hundred words, even without the other bit.
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April 2010
Wow, this is very cool. I am going to have to put an entry together for this tonight!
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April 2010
was excite today to stumble upon this great offer for bloggers by the site http://blog.vtravelled.com/join-us-on-a-fantastic-trip-to-new-york/.  As of late I have been missing home a lot.  If you did not know I am a Native New Yorker who
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April 2010
Sheppard We just want to start this post by saying a huge thank-you to everyone who entered this competition, talked about it online and shared it with their friends and followers. We swore that we
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April 2010
April 16th, 2010 by Maxine Sheppard On Wednesday we announced the five shortlisted bloggers in our competition to win a place on Virgin Atlantic’s forthcoming press trip to New York. The nominations for
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July 2010
An Insider’s Guide Published on July 8th, 2010 by Maxine Sheppard Last week our ash-disrupted press trip to New York finally took place, and we were able to whisk our winning blogger away to the Big Apple.
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August 2010
The Big Apple Published on August 16th, 2010 by Andrew Bowman You may remember a while ago we ran a competition for a place on an exclusive press trip to New York with Virgin Atlantic. The running was eventually
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