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Virgin Atlantic Launches New Amenity Kits On Board

by Moderator September 2012 - last edited March 2013

After six months of research and design we have today revealed our new-look amenity kits, which are going on board aircraft this month.


Upper Class

The new Upper Class cabin amenity kit is made from rPET, a sustainable material made from crushed plastic bottles. The fabric is dark grey with a black cherry silk lining – and to continue the recycled theme – doubles up as a soft tablet or e-reader case to use when travelling. On inbound flights, the kit takes the form of a travel wallet.



Virgin Atlantic new outbound Upper Class amenity kit Our new outbound Upper Class amenity kit


Essentials in the Upper Class kit include all the usual favourites; cosy socks and luxurious eyeshades along with toothbrush and paste to freshen up before arrival. Tissues, ear plugs and a pen all feature too.


Virgin Atlantic new inbound Upper Class amenity kit Our new inbound Upper Class amenity kit


Learn more about our Upper Class cabin

Premium Economy

The Premium Economy kit, also made from rPET is dark grey but has a sleek silver silk lining and contains stylish purple socks, a purple eye mask, a quirky designer toothbrush and paste, a pen and earplugs. This kit also doubles up as a travel wallet when back on the ground.



Virgin Atlantic new Premium Economy amenity kit Our new Premium Economy amenity kit


Learn more about Premium Economy.



The Economy amenity kit has a special surprise – revamped eyeshades featuring six different sunglasses designs. Passengers will be able to collect a different set each time they fly and wear their special version of Kanye West’s Shutter Shades or Rayban’s Wayfarers whilst they sleep.



Virgin Atlantic new Economy amenity kit Our new Economy amenity kit


Learn more about our Economy service.

Paul Sands, Head of Customer Experience at Virgin Atlantic, highlights the contemporary design and usability of our new kits:

"The new kits have been designed with a reusable factor in mind and we're hoping to see them being carried around by passengers once they reach their destination. So many of our customers travel with tablet computers these days so we wanted to take note of this and offer a solution for transporting them on board and back at home.

“Over the years, we’ve given out millions of amenity kits and you’d be surprised where they turn up - they really do have a life of their own after they leave the aircraft.  It’s fascinating to see the different things our passengers use them for so we took this into consideration and hope we have made them a very useable modern day item."

Our use of recycled materials such as rPET is just one part of our much wider 'Change is in the Air' sustainability programme. For more information please visit: www.virginatlantic.com/changeisintheair

To book a flight with Virgin Atlantic, log on to www.virginatlantic.com.

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Jon September 2012
Better, but still a far cry from the Ozwald Boateng high point of the Virgin amenity kits. I did get lucky enough to be upgraded to First on an Etihad flight and boy was that a plush amenity kit (http://planetluxus.com/2011/05/11/etihad-airways-x-swarovski-luxurious-amenity-kits/). Might be a bit much to ask for in business though ;-)
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andyR September 2012
well I just travelled to and back from Dubai this month in upper class. I did not get an amenity bag either way :-(
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Jon September 2012
To the other Jon, you'll find Etihad have cut right back on theirs now.

To Virgin, the new kits are great but how could you drop the red and purple toed socks from Upper Class...!! The socks are now ugh.

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EdieR September 2012
I'm still using one of my kits when I travel. Shared extra ones with friends and family.
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LucyDemardo September 2012
Economy stuff is still crap. It just annoys me that people who can afford to go and buy things for themselves anyway always get the good stuff (ipod case and the nice eye shields for example). How I hate being poor :(
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JewelleryByJo September 2012
Oooooo! Looking forward to travelling next month. Loving the new menu so I'm sure I'll love the new amenity kits too. You know what you should bring back though? The 'Do Not Disturb' and 'Wake Me Up For Dinner' stickers - they were brilliant!
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VirginAtlanti14 September 2012
I’m a big fan of Virgin Atlantic and always choose them over any other airline whenever possible. I like their brand personality; they are fresh and not stuffy which is evident all throughout their organization (they always have the friendliest crew!). Most importantly they have a fantastic product. Their inflight entertainment has always been top notch and if you ever get the chance to fly Upper Class you’re in for a treat. With private pods and flat beds, comfy duvets, pajamas and an actual bar you can sit around, the long haul flight just, well, it just ‘flies’ by. Not to mention they have the BEST airport lounges (Virgin Clubhouse) where you can get a massage, some seriously good nosh and a mixologist serving you up a killer cocktail. Well worth checking in hours before your actual flight! The best moment of flying for me is when they offer the pre-take off champagne; a couple of these and I know I’ll sleep most of the way to my destination.  I also like to check out the amenity kits – here’s a glance of what Virgin Atlantic are offering in their new on board goody bags (full disclosure -the following images and text are directly from the Virgin Atlantic blog):
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LisaCollins September 2012
Always think you should do an 'I spy" book that kids can collect a sticker/stamp when they fly on your named planes, My daughter Molly had the old Diana named after her she loved looking to see what Virgin plane we were flying on
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kt September 2012
I remember the Economy kits in April 2007. We flew LGW - BDS for the cricket world cup and EVERYONE on the beach and the little plastic drawstring bags from VA with their sun lotion, books etc in. The most useful onboard amenity bag to date!!
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Sue September 2012
Soooo looking forward to New Kit....Seeing you very very soon....Love to all.....
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andrew September 2012
I have used Virgin since 1990, But I have to say when flying to China my first options will be Cathy Pacific or Emirates, Better seats width and length, goody bags, PJs.

Sevice, Food, Staff and lounges are all much the same althought Virgin do not let you use the lounge when just arriving in to Hong Kong from Heathrow

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Emily September 2012
I flew out 3 days ago and didn't get the new amenity kit, which is sad as the new new upper class one would have been nice to have!
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mangsanip September 2012
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wendycoker September 2012
Hi arn't wait to board on the 1st of October to the united Kingdom. looking forward to my new pack that you guys have put together.I alway enjoy my flights with Virgin no matter if in Australia or when we take a flight to the USA to visit family, I have used Quantas and Air New Zealand before mm I their nice people also, but I feel at home with Virgin its the smile its the real concern for your needs and the hostess are eaasy to talk to about all your needs never rushed God bless Virgin I cant wait just 6 more days and up up and away in your beautiful red balloon kind Regards WENDY COKER
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airlinetrendsc1 September 2012
new A330 aircraft and a refurbishment of its B747 fleet, Virgin Atlantic has also just introduced new amenity kits for passengers in all
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JANMOYES November 2012
I would fly Virgin rather than any other line,with or without an amenity kit,I understand why there have to be cut backs,but as long as I can afford to fly Virgin that is what I will do.

luv luv luv Virgin!they are like Tina simply the BEST.

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kart180 March 2013

The new amenity kits looks great but I do miss the swim bag style kit which I receive on outbond fligts from London.

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Mark123 February 2015 - last edited February 2015 Moderator

Hi, I've just returned from San Francisco flying VA which was great.  

We are currently delevloping a DVT toe sockc that would be great for your amenity flight kits. Toe socks provide greater comfort, increased circulation and just like Virgin Atlantic take something that is common place and give it superior quality with an avant-garde twist.

Who can I contact to send a sample ?

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