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The Virgin Atlantic Boeing Dreamliner 787-9

by Virgin-Atlantic October 2014

In 1984, the inaugural Virgin Atlantic transatlantic flight took place. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this historic event, we’re introducing our new Boeing 787-9, also known as the ‘Dreamliner.’

Named Birthday Girl, this brand new aircraft will start flying from London to Boston, USA on 28 October 2014. It’s a whole new chapter for air travel. Here’s why…

The Virgin Atlantic Boeing Dreamliner 787-9The new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Prepare for an evolution in air travel

A strong connection

Now, you can stay connected throughout the whole flight with the onboard WiFi connection. So you can tweet from your seat or make a call mid air.

The Wander Wall

Head over to grab a bite to eat or a drink and meet other travellers at the Wander Wall in Premium Economy. And make sure you say hello to our friendly cabin crew, because if there's one thing they love, it's getting to know customers from across the globe. Stretching your legs has never been so interesting.

A bright idea

Virgin Atlantic - 787 Dreamliner Aisle.jpg

The dynamic new mood lighting on board the 787 Dreamliner

Feel lighter, brighter and say goodbye to jet lag. The new dynamic mood lighting on the 787 adjusts throughout the flight to the destination time zone, helping you arrive feeling relaxed and as energised as you would on a normal day.

Drinks all round

Virgin Atlantic - 787 Dreamliner Bar.jpg

The Dreamliner Bar, a social space for Upper Class travellers

The Upper Class Bar is the new social space for Upper Class travellers. You can relax, chat to friends and other customers. Or just take some time out to enjoy the extraordinary views over your favourite drink. Unwinding never felt so good.

Sitting comfortably

Virgin Atlantic - 787 Dreamliner Seats.jpgThe new 787 offers maximum legroom and soft seating throughout all cabins

Economy seating on the 787 is more comfortable than ever. We’ve made the most of the space around the seats, so there’s maximum legroom and plenty of space for reclining. Whichever cabin you’re in, the seats are soft and beautifully designed. And if you’re travelling in Upper Class, you can look forward to stretching out in a 33" wide flat bed. Ceilings throughout are also higher, allowing more air and light to circulate and giving a feeling of space and freedom.

Time flies

Birthday Girl has a maximum altitude of 40,000ft, a range of over 8,300 miles and speeds of over 640mph. Prepare to reach your destination faster than you ever thought possible.

Pure and simple

Feeling comfortable onboard the 787 goes even further than advanced seating and ample legroom. The air’s cleaner and the cabin pressure is lower, meaning you’ll arrive feeling refreshed and revived. Not only that, the windows are the largest on any commercial aircraft. So you can eat, dine or relax in perfectly natural light. And when you’re ready for the end of the day, the dynamic mood lighting and electronically dimmable windows lower the brightness.

Ending on a high note

Our new 787 is 21% more fuel efficient than the aircraft it’s replacing. It's innovation at its greenest.

Our 787 Dreamliner is innovative, luxurious and miles ahead. And it's built to make flying even more enjoyable.

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November 2014

I travelled home on the new Dreanliner from Boston - Birthday girl's first flight.. Cheif steward announced with a paper  hat on that there was going to be a celebration on board and then gave out 3 bottles to 3 seats in the entire aircraft  which seemed a little mean to me and rased quite a few eyebrows. one glass of champers for everyone would have been more appropriate i think. Take off was half an hour late due to lack of paper work and what a pity the premium  seats were hard, slippery and  with no head rests ( most unusual for a Virgin flight)  and the mood lighting was out of control! - more like a disco than a soothing atmosphere.  Food no improvement on the usual  at least not in the premium class. The wander wall was at least a refuge to ease aching bones. Some teething problems to iron out yet.

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November 2014

Hi arty4, thanks for posting your views about the new 787 Dreamliner. We're appreciative of all types of feedback as we're continually looking to enhance our products – so we'll certainly pass your comments on to our design team. Glad to hear you liked the Wander Wall, a great place to stretch out and have a chat during your flight. We hope our teams on the ground and in the air will have the pleasure of serving you again soon.

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November 2014

We are so excited... and so are our two year old twins, in fact we have made up t-shirts for when they fly back to the UK next week.. little bit of advertising does not hurt... hope you like them...

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November 2014


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November 2014

Looking good Robert, thanks for taking the time to comment! We'd love to see your two year olds enjoying the flight, so please feel free to update us with a picture. Thanks again and we hope you had a great flight.

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Hello, just been looking at my booking for January to Miami and the return flight is now moved from a 744 to a 789! Result ! Can't wait to experience it! I've flown on a 788 last year and had a great time, looking forward to see what Virgin is making of it.

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November - last edited January Moderator

Absolutely horrified to read the 747 is finnishing at Heathrow now on 13th Jan not mid Feb. I booked Virgin to Miami only because it was a 747.

Now i find its a 787 and you'll have to rebook me. I am not interested in

flying on one. I hate the things.

I could of flown Air Canada nearly £200 cheaper if i wanted a bog standard return but i paid specifically to go Virgin and the 747. 

I only found out by accident as well. I didnt get any email saying my seats have now been moved because my flight has been downgraded.

Very unimpressed.

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2 weeks ago - last edited a week ago

Not too impressed that our Airbus has been changed for a Dreamliner. we were looking forward to choosing the seats at the back as usual but now that pair of seats which you might expect to find has been replaced by a coat rack!

Not sure why this option was specified?

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